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About Our Brewery


Right Mind Brewing was an idea that began with casual conversation. Frank Perkovich, owner of several successful businesses in Blacksburg, always knew he wanted to open a brewery. He knew Blacksburg, being the fast growing beer community it is, was a perfect home for a brewery. The problem was always when, where, and with whom. In 2014, Frank decided it was time to move his first restaurant, Lefty’s Main St. Grille, to a bigger location. Frank, a “lefty,” is generally convinced he’s in his right mind. Others are dubious. Nevertheless, with more space, Frank’s ruminations about a brewery accelerated. Right Mind Brewing was no longer a vague notion. Now the question of “with whom?”

Enter Evan Graham. Evan graduated from Virginia Tech in the spring of 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He began brewing that fall on a stove top setup with extract and steeping grains that his roommate brought home unexpectedly one day. His hobby quickly turned to downright obsession. In 2010, an opportunity arose for an unpaid internship at Morgantown Brewing Co. in Morgantown, West Virginia. Before too long, Blacksburg’s charm would draw him back to live in the area. After working as a bartender for a few months, a brewery job presented itself at Parkway Brewing in Salem, VA. Parkway Brewing was an invaluable skill building opportunity, and was pivotal in Evan’s transition from home brewer to professional brewer. Evan now had his sights on creating and making his own product. Timing is everything. Enter Right Mind Brewing.

Evan Graham - Head Brewer

Evan Graham – Head Brewer

Right Mind First Brew

Right Mind First Brew

With a new home for Lefty’s with ample space for a brewery, Frank contacted Evan about his brewing dreams. It was kismet. In the spring/summer of 2015, Frank and Evan began making concrete plans on what was to come. Orders were made for brewing equipment, paperwork was filled out (a lot of paperwork), and construction plans were submitted. While waiting for the tanks to arrive, concrete was poured, wires were pulled and pipes were laid. Before they knew it, the 7 Barrel fermenters had arrived, and were being hoisted by a forklift onto the sidewalk. With only a few guys, 2 furniture dolleys, a sledge hammer and many strenuous hours of moving and placing 10 very large tanks, Frank and Evan were finally in a position to make handcrafted local beer.

Right Mind Brewing is an ever evolving brewhouse with constantly changing beers. We intend to bring back beers that are loved, but only when the time is right. Until then, we will continue to put out new and exciting beers as fast as people drink them. We hope to see you soon! Cheers!